Biotech Suppliers

New Opportunity comes from a proven track-record. Prendio is redefining the way that technology enables the sales of biotech supplies and services.

e procurement software for biotech companies

Prendio represents the best and brightest biotech companies in the world. It is our mission to bring to them the resources that they need to deliver on their important work without delay. The innovative Prendio Engage program has flipped the script on eCommerce bringing it right back to where it matters…relationships. Together we can make a difference.


Early Access

Prendio Engages well-funded biotech startups at a faster pace than any other eProcurement solution…often before they have a company name.

Information is King

Lets not waste anyone’s time here. Our clients need quality suppliers to meet their needs. We can tell you what they need and who needs it.

Organic Growth

As your products are purchased, they are added to a catalog available to ALL Prendio clients. Its not a popularity contest, but its a tight-knit community.

easyCommerce Punchout and Managed Pricing

We work with you to make shopping for your products as easy as possible.

Close the Loop

Sales follow-up and ROI make the benefits of Prendio Engage visible.

Biotech. Better. Now.