Why Prendio?

Prendio is backed by years of experience working alongside researchers and industry finance leaders. We understand the pain points experienced by small to mid-sized biotech, and we know how to help.

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Built for Biotech

Prendio was tailor-built to satisfy the specific needs of our biotech client companies. Want to know how Prendio makes biotech better?

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A simple, streamlined, and affordable eProcurement solution for biotech

Using Prendio saves time and money, accelerates research and development, and reduces time to market.

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Prendio: eProcurement for Life Sciences

In 2015, a small group of biotech industry professionals came together to discuss the ways that the software solutions they were using fell short of what they needed. All of the cloud-based eProcurement software solutions on the market were overwhelmingly complicated and stuffed with features they would never need, making them difficult to learn and expensive to use. Worse yet there was missing functionality, which meant that parts of the procure-to-pay process became tedious, repetitive, and prone to human error.

Relying on their 50+ combined years of experience in procurement, management, and finance for biotech, the group outlined a plan to develop a software that was simple, easy to use, and intuitive to learn–with all of the features a growing biotech company would need, and none that they wouldn’t. In 2016, the solution they envisioned became a reality when Prendio was launched.

All of the Features You Need and None that You Don’t. Prendio is eProcurement, Simplified.

Prendio is a complete, cloud-based eProcurement software built specifically for biotech. Our mission is your mission: We exist to accelerate discovery and decrease time to market by streamlining the procure-to-pay process, coming alongside our clients as they work to make the world a better, healthier place.

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Software Features

Unlike other eProcurement solutions, Prendio was built specifically for biotech. We’ve designed a simple, streamlined, and affordable procure-to-pay solution that improves efficiency and decreases administrative burden, speeding research and reducing development cycle time.


Our intuitive functionality means that users are up and running faster.


Prendio gives you the diverse shopping options you need all in one place.


Leading supplier punchouts custom built for your company, for no additional fee.


Prendio has partnered with NetSuite to offer our clients the best procure-to-pay experience imaginable. Need to integrate with a different ERP? We can do that, too.


Our paperless three-way match guarantees that you only pay for what you receive and gives you the ability to reconcile CRO and service projects.


Our comprehensive reporting system gives you the ability to produce powerful and flexible charts to better track spend management and measure progress made toward your financial goals.


Freedom to cancel anytime with our 30-day cancellation policy.

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Why Choose Prendio eProcurement Software?

Built based on years of experience working with scientists and finance leaders in the industry, we understand the pain points felt by small to mid-sized biotech and how to alleviate them. We simplify the process of ordering, tracking, and receiving to give you more time to focus on your high-value projects.

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