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Laura Stack

Board Member and Cofounder

Board member and cofounder Laura Stack got her start in the tech field at Wang Laboratories in 1983. As a serial entrepreneur, Laura has founded and co-founded multiple organizations in the business services, technology and security sectors. Her role at Prendio includes driving high level strategy and operations decisions and structuring the growing company to align with the leadership team’s vision for the future.


In addition to her work at Prendio, Laura has served as COO of biotech procurement services company BioProcure, Inc. since 2007. Her business experience and expertise has been instrumental to the success of both organizations.


Laura is a graduate of Regis College. She is passionate about helping others, and has volunteered her time to multiple nonprofit and charitable organizations over the course of her career. When she is not working, she enjoys reading, spending time with her family, and boating off the coast of Cape Cod.