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What Our Clients Are Saying


The user-friendly Prendio software makes it easy for our consultants to issue payments on our clients’ behalf. With the push of a button, unpaid vouchers are bridged to our clients’ ERP system of choice—it’s a fast, simple, and pain-free process. When our clients use Prendio it makes our process more efficient.
Gregg Beloff
Founding Managing Director, Danforth Advisors
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Our Labs have been using Prendio for years. The system is easy to use and navigate. Our Scientists can enter requisitions and use punchout capabilities while we still maintain an approval workflow. This makes the integration to our ERP system seamless.
Sonia Melo
Sr Manager of Accounts Payable, Flagship Pioneering
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As the COO of Third Rock Ventures, an important part of my job is making sure that the operations, finance, and administrative functions are running smoothly across all of our portfolio companies. Using Prendio is the easiest way to make that happen. When our portfolio companies use Prendio, I know that the procure-to-pay process will be well-documented and simplified, making everyone’s lives easier from the associate scientist to the CFO.
Kevin Gillis
Partner and Chief Operating Officer, Third Rock Ventures
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