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BioProcure Has Procure-To-Pay Down to a Science

Biotech companies that use BioProcure and Prendio together could save up to 2,513 hours and $770,932 dollars per year.

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From the incubator space startup to the established research organization, BioProcure offers the support you need to elevate your science to the next level.

Backed by decades of experience, the team of procurement and accounts payable experts at BioProcure enables life science organizations to reach their goals faster, all while saving time and money. When armed with Prendio’s affordable and user-friendly eprocurement solution, the procure-to-pay experts are fully equipped to accelerate your team’s success.

The Right Tools for Successful Lab Management

Saving time and resources is critical to the startup biotech company. BioProcure’s proven solution can help boost productivity by optimizing enterprise resource planning and outsourcing time-consuming and error-prone procurement and A/P processes. Want to learn more about how BioProcure can revolutionize your lab ops? Download our Whitepaper to learn why partnering with the “Procure-to-Pay Experts” makes using Prendio even more efficient!


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What Our Clients Are Saying


“I don’t have to worry about setting up agreements with new vendors or tracking shipments and lost items. BioProcure and Prendio take care of everything.”

Steve deCamp, Scientist II, Generate Biomedicines