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LaunchBio + Prendio

A national network of life science innovators working for the benefit of human health and well-being

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LaunchBio is a nonprofit that connects life science entrepreneurs and investors with essential resources, knowledge, and networking opportunities.

Prendio and LaunchBio are partnered together to support high-growth, high-impact life science and biotechnology companies. Collaborating with LaunchBio aligns with Prendio's mission to drive success across the nation’s leading life science hubs and community.


What Our Partners Are Saying


“LaunchBio is thrilled to partner with Prendio, a platform that revolutionizes procurement workflows for life science companies. Prendio's intuitive user experience and seamless integration streamline operations, empower teams to focus on driving scientific breakthroughs. Together, we're advancing innovation by connecting entrepreneurs and investors with the tools they need to succeed."

Becky Beattie, CEO of LaunchBio