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Introducing Prendio for NetSuite:

The Best Combination of eProcurement and ERP for Biotech

When combined in the lab, these two components create an elegant, simple solution for biotech procure-to-pay

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Scale your life science business effortlessly with Prendio for NetSuite

NetSuite Inc. is the #1 cloud-based ERP software, and a trusted Prendio partner. By combining the power of Prendio eProcurement with NetSuite’s ERP, we are pleased to offer life science companies everywhere the most efficient procure-to-pay solution on the market.

Case Study: How Notch Therapeutics Simplified Procure-to-Pay with Prendio for NetSuite

Learn how Notch Therapeutics, a Series A funded life science research organization focused on maximizing the benefits of cellular immunotherapies, saved time and money by implementing the Prendio for NetSuite solution.

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Five Problems Finance Professionals Experience and How Prendio for NetSuite Can Help

Busy biotech finance leaders can sometimes struggle with processes that make maintaining a clean audit trail difficult. NetSuite for Prendio makes it easy to stay organized, so Controllers and CFOs can pay invoices on time and be confident that each tsep is documented securely and accurately, ensuring that their company is always audit-ready. Download our Tip Sheet and learn more about this eProcurement and ERP solution!

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