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Nucleate + Prendio

Boost Your Biotech Journey: Discover tools for success by Prendio and Nucleate


Nucleate is a student-led organization that represents the largest global community of bio-innovators.

Nucleate specializes in supporting biotech entrepreneurs through initiatives like their Activator program, which has successfully helped form numerous companies and raise significant funding.
The partnership between Prendio and Nucleate benefits life science founders and investors by supporting emerging startup labs. Prendio offers a streamlined procure-to-pay solution for the life science vertical, improving efficiency and reducing administrative burden with intuitive features from approvals to ERP integration, allowing teams to focus on scientific breakthroughs.

What Our Prendio Clients Are Saying


“Prendio has really helped us streamline our purchasing processes at Dunad
Therapeutics. Having used Prendio at past companies, I knew that it would allow the
scientists to easily locate and purchase the kits, reagents, and miscellany that are
needed for the daily activities of a cell biology lab. Implementing Prendio has taken
what was an onerous task and turned it into a quick and painless process, and has
allowed our new lab space to operate at a much higher rate."

Berent Lundeen, PhD
Senior Scientist, Biology
Dunad Therapeutics