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Procure To Pay.

Built For Biotech.

Why Prendio?

01. Easy to Use

There are many overwhelming procurement software solutions currently on the market stuffed with features that the average mid-sized biotech company doesn’t want or need. All of the extras make these software systems confusing, painful, and expensive to use. Fortunately, there is an alternative. Prendio is designed with you in mind, making it so easy to use that it requires minimal to no training. Our user-friendly dashboard guides each role through creating requisitions, getting approvals, placing orders, receiving items, and preparing invoices for payment. Our comprehensive, intuitive and flexible reporting package lets you export the data you need quickly and painlessly. It’s that simple.

02. An Extensive List of Punchout Vendors

Unlike some other software solutions, Prendio does not require 3rd party integrators or charge an extra fee to set up each requested punchout. Prendio comes preloaded with a comprehensive assortment of the most important supplier punchouts right on your dashboard, saving you money, time and labor.

03. Comprehensive and Affordable

Prendio does everything you need, and nothing that you don’t. Because we are so targeted and streamlined, we can charge less than our competitors, saving you money and time and simplifying your life. And don’t worry about getting locked into another multi-year, prepaid contract. If you’re not completely happy with the Prendio software, canceling is quick and easy.

04. Real People Empowered With Real Technology

We take client success seriously. The Prendio platform was built by professionals who understand biotech, and stand ready to assist you with any questions or issues.

05. Order Everything You Need From Our Dynamic Universal Catalog

Prendio’s unique catalog includes peer and system ratings that help scientists and buyers choose their products wisely. Compare item features and pricing quickly and easily. Item not found? No problem. Add any item to our catalog and we will make sure it’s there for you the next time you search for it.

Your Role is Important

See How Prendio Can Help


R & D

  • Spend more time in the lab, less time on administrative tasks
  • Get your requisitions approved faster

  • Check order status in seconds


  • Reduce data entry with our scan/match technology

  • Store invoices, receipts, and vouchers forever in the cloud

  • Bridge to your ERP of choice with the push of a button


  • Give researchers more lab time and fewer administrative tasks

  • Reduce back office headcount

  • Increased visibility of spend and accurate liability reporting at your fingertips

Client Testimonials

Prendio has been fundamental to Torque Bio's growth over the last year. As a newly launched biotech, we sought a robust and easy-to-use procurement system to ensure we could order the supplies we needed in a timely manner, and Prendio has not disappointed. The procurement system is intuitive, allowing our scientists to easily place orders and our accounting team to easily conduct AP management. In addition, Prendio's support team is very helpful and quick to respond if any questions arise. I would highly recommend Prendio to other biotechs for their procurement needs!
Heather Vincent, PhD
Senior Manager Business Operations, Torque Bio, Inc.

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