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Procure to Pay like no other. More than eProcurement, Prendio delivers value to biotech companies by addressing the specific needs of scientists, working closely with trusted suppliers and giving management the control and efficiency they want.

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An easy-to-use shopping cart combined with a catalog of your previously-ordered and peer-sourced goods gets you quickly to the right products at the right price.

Punchout sites from Prendio's trusted suppliers and your preferred suppliers are available in just a few easy!

Biotech-savvy peer ratings for delivery and quality = better experiment components, delivered on your schedule.

Prendio doesn't limit your Supplier options. You order from whomever you like!

Better deals are awaiting. Alternate suppliers are provided for best pricing and availability.

Order updates by delivered by email and Dashboard provide comfort that your order is being properly cared for.

Let's spend less time shopping and more time science-ing. ;-)


DASHBoard: all Your stuff in one place (click to enlarge)

  order updates: green and happy is good

order updates: green and happy is good

        catalog of previously ordered items and services

      catalog of previously ordered items and services

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finance manager

Ease-of-use drives compliance while minimizing training and data cleansing. Prendio was designed specifically to support bio-technologists. When an employee specifies the department, project and GL account for their purchase, you don't have to.

Secure cloud storage, paper scanning and a simple web browser interface provide flexibility for venture management, part-time staffers, remote buyers and shared AP resources. The optional Pro Flow Service Provider program offers expertise for buyer and AP services for start-ups. Project time tracking, agreement document management, and audit document bundles are included. Contact us to learn more about how Prendio achieves these advantages.

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just-right approvals

Dial-in the appropriate level of spend, project, department and GL account approvals and oversight for your company's size and structure. Request and accept approvals by email, text message and the Prendio Dashboard. Flexibility trumps rigidity for start-ups, but compliance needs to become standard practice. With Prendio, spend management adjusts with you as you grow.

erp integration

Prendio eProcurement's AP capabilities integrate with your accounting solution, from Quickbooks Online and Desktop to larger ERP solutions like Netsuite, Oracle and Take solace in knowing that your research team will not be impacted as you upgrade finance platforms. Prendio integrates with all of them.

liability monitoring

Don't be the last to know. Watchers and approvers can be setup for accounts, projects and safety to help monitor requisitions before they become orders. Report on Open orders to understand short and long term liability. Prendio is aware of liability at the earliest possible moment...and now you are too.

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Over 2100 suppliers...and growing!

Prendio supports time-critical research environments with efficient ordering, receipt, and payment of equipment, consumables and services. Prendio's unique capabilities can bring your company new efficiencies and increased exposure for your products and services. You got punchout? ...we do that. You want to meet new customers? ...we do that. Contact us to learn how you can support these biotech companies as a trusted supplier.