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Why Prendio?

Prendio is backed by years of experience working alongside researchers and industry finance leaders. We understand the pain points experienced by small to mid-sized biotech, and we know how to help.



Hours of Lab Time Saved

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Money Saved



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Prendio: eProcurement for Life Sciences 

Meet Prendio, the cutting-edge platform tailored to meet the unique needs of life science companies, enabling us to optimize procurement workflows and drive remarkable time and cost savings. From approvals to order placement and all the way through to ERP integration, Prendio offers an intuitive and seamless user experience for scientists, finance departments, and venture firms alike. Our robust offering of features enhances collaboration, provides real-time insights, and streamlines vendor management, allowing your team to focus on what truly matters: advancing scientific breakthroughs.

Say goodbye to manual, time-consuming processes and embrace a future of efficiency and productivity with Prendio. Request your demo today to find out how it works!



All of the Features You Need and None that You Don’t. Prendio is eProcurement, Simplified.

Prendio is a complete, cloud-based eProcurement software built specifically for biotech. Our mission is your mission: We exist to accelerate discovery and decrease time to market by streamlining the procure-to-pay process, coming alongside our clients as they work to make the world a better, healthier place.

Want to learn more about our solution? Watch our video.

Software Features

Unlike other eProcurement solutions, Prendio was built specifically for the life science vertical. We’ve designed a simple, streamlined, and affordable procure-to-pay solution that improves efficiency and decreases administrative burden, speeding research and reducing development cycle time.



Leading supplier punchouts custom built for your company, for no additional fee.

Easy Integration

Prendio has partnered with NetSuite to offer our clients the best procure-to-pay experience imaginable. Need to integrate with a different ERP? We can do that, too.


Paperless Three Way Match

Our paperless three-way match guarantees that you only pay for what you receive and gives you the ability to reconcile CRO and service projects.


Robust Reporting

Our comprehensive reporting system gives you the ability to produce powerful and flexible charts to better track spend management and measure progress made toward your financial goals.


Simple Request Dashboard

Our intuitive functionality means that users are up and running faster.


No Long Term Contracts

Freedom to cancel anytime with our 30-day cancellation policy.

Scientists, Finance Teams, and Venture Firms Have a Lot to Say About Prendio


As the COO of Third Rock Ventures, an important part of my job is making sure that the operations, finance, and administrative functions are running smoothly across all of our portfolio companies. Using Prendio is the easiest way to make that happen. When our portfolio companies use Prendio, I know that the procure-to-pay process will be well-documented and simplified, making everyone’s lives easier from the associate scientist to the CFO.

Kevin Gillis

COO/Partner, Third Rock Ventures


Why Choose Prendio eProcurement Software?

Built based on years of experience working with scientists and finance leaders in the industry, we understand the pain points felt by small to mid-sized biotech and how to alleviate them. We simplify the process of ordering, tracking, and receiving to give you more time to focus on your high-value projects.

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