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Portal Innovations + Prendio

Uniting Cutting-Edge eProcurement with Industry Expertise for Accelerated Innovation in Life Science Labs

portal innovations

Supporting early stage-stage biotech and medtech startups.

Portal Innovations helps early-stage biotech and medtech startups with seed capital, access to fully equipped lab spaces, and connections to a network of other investors and partners.

The partnership between Prendio and Portal Innovations helps provide clients with a more enriched service experience, combining Prendio's specialized eProcurement solutions with Portal Innovations' resources and expertise in the life sciences industry. This partnership helps streamline operations for life science companies, leading to faster research and development cycles and potentially quicker time-to-market for their innovations.


What Our Partners Are Saying


“Prendio has been a key partner with Portal to help grow our life sciences ecosystems in Chicago and Boston. Their support and tools have helped our startups become more efficient in their life sciences research.”

Anna Tomaszewski, Sr. Director of Business Development & Partnerships, Portal Innovations